Sunday 7 June 2015

Birthday Sushi Cake

Sorry, not much updates because I've been spending whatever free time I have reading Harry Potter, lol. Finally started on the series, after putting off for years. The books are really quite captivating, I keep asking IT about the characters and spoilers in the book.

Just a post about LT's birthday at the end of May. As usual, I made a sushi cake for his birthday, it's something I've been doing for their past few birthdays. The cake is made up of rice and salmon, and I added bubu arare (crispy rice puffs) on the top. The Pooh Tsum Tsum on top were made from mashed potatoes. For more details, you can see my previous post HERE about how I made the cake. Not too happy with this sushi cake though, I forgot to buy potatoes, and the ones I had at home were not really suitable, so the mashed potato were not smooth. -_-

LT is 8 years old now. Somehow, he seems a lot more childish, as compared to IT at the same age. Not complaining though, enjoying that cuteness while it last, since they grow up so fast! When studies are concerned, I'm guilty of not spending as much time guiding him as compared to IT. IT gets priority since his work is so much tougher. I usually just give LT work to do, just so he won't disturb my revisions with IT. However, I'm glad that LT has done rather well nonetheless, in fact his results are slightly better than IT's past results.

On his birthday, LT asked for fried chicken, nuggets and fried prawns for dinner, and he said he does not want to eat vegetables. -_- But in the end, I still gave him some blanched broccoli, lol.

Birthday cake requested by LT, he chose the icing sheet design. Cake flavour is the usual one they always ask for, strawberry shortcake, this time LT asked for some peaches in the cake. I sued my old recipe HERE.

The butter cookies LT requested for his friends, recipe over HERE. I actually ordered a new cookie cutter to try out, but did not received the cutter in time, looks like I might use that new cutter for some baking with my boys during the holiday.


  1. The sushi cake looks great! The cake is so neatly done too!

  2. Aww....awesome sushi cake! Everything was so perfect and neat with lots of mother's love! You're amazing mum Ming ^_^

  3. Adorable sushi cake and happy belated birthday to LT!! The butter cookies are super cute, his friends are so lucky.:)

  4. Aw, that sushi cake is TO DIE FOR! LOVE IT! We're featuring it today over on the What Kids Eat Wednesdays party :)

  5. the sushi cake!!!!!super cute!!
    LT is fortunate:)


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