Monday 1 June 2015

Pumpkin Gudetama

School holidays started for LT last Friday. Yes, only for LT, because IT still has to go back to school next week, they still have supplementary classes for the first week, and school hours are only an hour shorter than the usual school hours. -_-

Remember Gudetama? I first made this lazy egg in January.  This time I decided to make a more 3D version, using mashed pumpkin.

This has to be one of my current favourite character to craft, because Gudetama, like Baymax, is one of the easiest to make.

Gudetama hiding under this bacon blanky, and there's another one showing his butt at the back, lol.

Ingredients used were egg, mashed pumpkin, bacon, nori and mayonnaise. More details in the steps below.

To make Gudetama, you will need mashed steamed pumpkin, over-medium or over-well egg and bacon. Other ingredients you need which are not in this picture are nori and mayonnaise. If you prefer, you can also replace pumpkin with mashed potato, coloured yellow using mashed egg yolks or food colouring.

Roll out Gudetama's body using pumpkin and placed on the centre of the egg.

Mould out Gudetamam's arms using pumpkin.

Turn around and make a cut using a knife for his butt crack. I added on nori in my final bento pictures  you see at the beginning of this post, but I prefer this version here without the nori.

Mould out his legs using pumpkin.

I used this paw punch to cut out the ovals for Gudetama's eyes from nori. To cut the mouth, I find it easier to fold nori in half to cut out a semi-circle and then cut along the outline of the semi-circle, you will get a hollow circle when you open up the folded nori.

Place the nori onto the pumpkin, and use a toothpick to dab on some mayonnaise in the mouth and place a bacon over Gudetama.

Quite easy, isn't it? I've more Gudetama creations but I'll leave those for another post.


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