Wednesday 17 June 2015

Monster Inc Mike Wazowski

Happy Hump Day! I can't believe school holiday is ending soon. I've not been making much food art this holiday, I do however have a whole lot of creations I've yet to blog, but I don't have the motivation to update the blog that often these days.

Alright, a fast post today to share this Monster Inc food art of Mike Wazowski.

He is made using rice, mixed with mashed green peas. It's a great way to colour your rice green naturally, you can also use mashed edamame beans.

I used cheese, ham(coloured blue by soaking in butterfly pea flower water) and nori for his features. His arms and legs are made using blanched asparagus.

Here's another version of Mike, using soba.

The soba was eaten cold with a dipping sauce. The side dishes were pan-fried cod and broccoli with enoki mushrooms.

This time I used green beans for his arms and legs instead.


  1. time flies~
    you are so creative, love both of them❤

  2. Love your Mike Wazowski creations! Can't believe the school holidays went by so fast, now left with one week only.

  3. You come up with the most creative, impressive food presentation ideas! Sharing this on What Kids Eat Wednesdays today!


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