Friday 14 August 2015

Baymax Sushi

Today's food art is everyone's favourite healthcare companion, Baymax. And today's food art comes with step-by-step pictures. The truth is I had wanted to update this post much earlier, but I was lazy to edit the step-by-step photos, so I kept changing to another creation to update instead. -_- Okay, finally decided to get it done today.


I made two different types of Baymax sushi, this one in the picture is sushi rice topped with ebiko. Babymax was made using quail eggs and nori.

Someone commented Baymax looks like he's strapped to an electric chair. It does seems like so, but he looks quite happy to be electrocuted. -_-

This is my second sushi design. I first filled the aburaage pouches with rice, then I topped them with different fillings. From left to right, there's crabstick, ebiko, scrambled egg and salmon.

Baymax was made from quail eggs and nori and arranged in a variety of poses, lol.

Do they look like they are soaking in a bathtub?

I only did the tutorial for the first sushi design, but I'm sure you can figure out the other design from this tutorial.

I used a rectangular mould to mould the rice, I got this from Daiso. This mould is commonly used for making Spam musubi. It's easier and faster to use this mould, but it's not a must,  you can just use cling wrap to mould the sushi rice too.

Wet the mould using water, place the mould on a sheet of cling wrap, topped it up with sushi rice. Wetting the mould prevents the rice from sticking.

Press down hard on the rice to compact it.

Slide the mould out.

Using a wet knife, cut out the rice.

Top the rice with ebiko, you can use other ingredients like scrambled egg, chopped spring onions, etc, if you like. As Baymax is white, you need to top the rice with a coloured ingredient, so that there will be a contrast.

To make Baymax, you need hard boiled quail eggs. When the quail egg is still hot, wrap it in cling wrap to shape it round. Eggs can be moulded while they are still hot. When you are happy with the shape, cool down the egg by dipping in ice water. This rounded quail egg will be used for Baymax's head.

Using another quail egg, cut out Baymax's body, hands and legs. I cut the quail egg in half, one half is used for the body, and the other half is used to cut out the hands and legs. I also cut the rounded quail egg in half, and used it to make the head for another Baymax. Not a must to cut in half like I did, but I prefer to do so, as the quail egg sits better with a flat bottom, and I do not have to use too many eggs.

Assemble the quail eggs on the sushi, secure using pasta sticks.

Using a hole punch, cut out Baymax's eyes from seaweed. Use a pair of scissors to cut out Baymax's  mouth and also a long strip of nori to wrap Baymax to the sushi rice.

And your Baymax sushi are done. Bon appétit! Hope you like this cuddly fella as much as we do. :)


  1. So adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 哎哟~可爱及美味~两款都想吃耶!怎么办??^^

  3. Super adorable and thanks for sharing the tutorial!! I'll have to pin and share with Nikolai later, he is very into Baymax lately.


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