Saturday 8 August 2015

Singapore National Day SG50 Food Art

It's our nation's golden jubilee tomorrow. It's a big celebration this year throughout the long weekend from Friday all through to next Monday. And of course I had to come up with a food art for this very special occasion. I actually came up with two designs but I was not happy with one of the design, so I won't be posting it. Hopefully I can improvise on the other design and share it next year. :)

This is Singapore, four friends eating together at the same table, regardless of their race or religion.

To make the people, the rice were coloured using either dark soy sauce or ketchup. Other ingredients used were bell peppers, cheese, ham, nori, red cabbage, aburaage and egg sheet.

I also crafted out miniature food, from left to right clockwise, Prata, Burger, Nasi Lemak and Dim Sum. In choosing the food for each ethnic race, Prata for Indian and Nasi Lemak for Malay were a no-brainer. But I could not decide which food would be a good representation for Chinese and Malay, finally settled on Dim Sum and Burger respectively.

Can you guess what ingredient I used to create the miniature food? Everything is edible, quite fun making this.

This food art of our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, which I made earlier this year, definitely deserve a repost on this special occasion. For this is also a day to remember our founding father. We would not have been able to celebrate the golden jubilee of Singapore, if he had not dedicate his whole life in building our nation.


  1. Omg, I love this, super creative!!! I see the tiny foods, roti canai, nasi lemak, tim sum and burger?, lol. I also love the little curry for the roti and every single detailing!!

  2. 天啊!太可爱了!好细腻的作品,太喜欢了♥!尤其是桌上的袖珍美食^^

  3. Love the multi-cultural piece, very creative and beautifully done! Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee weekend!

  4. Amazing details especially the table tiny dishes ^_^ Love them so much!


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