Tuesday 25 August 2015

Cat Onigiri & Quail Egg

A new routine for me starting this week, an additional commitment so I'm busier in the morning. I'm trying to sleep earlier at night, so I'm finding it a little tough to update the blog, since I usually update at night after my boys have slept. Never mind, I'm sure I'll find another timing to do it after I settle down in the routine.

Since I already have these photos in my draft folder, I thought I'll do up a post before I sleep. This cat onigiri turned out totally different from what I had in mind. I came across pictures of this cat with gravity defying whiskers, attempted to craft it out of rice, but it turned out disastrous. In the end, I just changed it to the one you see in my picture above.

Made this for lunch with a quick side dish of nuggets, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

The cat was made out of rice, I coloured parts of it with dark soy sauce. Other ingredients used were nori, olives and ham. The fish you see in the picture is a chopstick rest.

Another cat creation, this time the cats were made out of quail eggs. I dyed the quail eggs pink and blue in beetroot and red cabbage respectively.

Cats are lying on teriyaki chicken pitas.

I also dyed some noodles in beetroot and used them as yarn for the cats to play with. :)


  1. Both are so adorable!

  2. 好可爱!看着,看着都不想离开了^^

  3. Hi!
    All your posts are so cute. I can't wait to try some out. Do you always use sushi rice? Do you know if it would work with jasmine rice?
    Thank you!

    1. Tk u, Lynn. Yes, I used sushi rice. The jasmine rice would work for most of the 2D designs, but might be tricky for 3D ones. And if using jasmine rice, you have to add a little more water when cooking, so that the rice won't be too dry to work with.


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