Sunday 10 January 2016

Piggy & Chick Sushi

One week of school flew by so fast, I'm slowly settling into the routine again. I miss lazing around during the school holidays, lol.  I finally have my whole morning free to myself. Seems like a lot of time for me to relax at first, but somehow I'm still busy and I've no idea why, but it's definitely not as bad as the past two years.

I've been making so many sushi lately and just serving them on sushi boards for photos. The reason is because it's a lot easier this way than having to pack them in a bento. I also don't have to rush and cook the side dishes earlier before the sun sets, so as to get a nicer photo. However, many of these ideas can be adapted for a bento if you want to do so.

Piggies are one of my favourite animal to make. LT is born in the year of the pig and he calls them his friends. When he's eating pork, he says happily that he is eating his friends, oops. -_- He even ask me to eat him at times when I say I'm hungry, lol.

These piggies are made using rice, fish sausage and nori. I loved how round and chubby they turned out.

I also made chicks sushi. To achieve the yellow colour, the rice was mixed with mashed hard boiled egg yolks. I used nori, carrots and bubu arare(coloured rice puffs) for the details.

I also added egg shells hats for two of the chicks, these were cut out from eggs using a v-shaped knife. I got it from Daiso a long time ago, not sure if it's still available now.

Alright, that's all for today, need to go to bed. I'll try to update at least a recipe next week, have quite a number to update but I keep procrastinating.


  1. I love both versions and they are very adorable. I always love the colors that you create with natural ingredients, the yellow turned out fantastic!

  2. Super adorable sushi! LT's remarks are so cute!

  3. These are beyond adorable! I'm practically squealing from all the cuteness! I've been wanting to make cute onigiri and sushi—thank you for the inspiration!

  4. thats verry cute. so inspiring. :D

  5. That is so funny. i want to try at home

  6. You did good! I had been thinking of something very similar to it and you have made it easy for me.

  7. cute bento. i like it...beautiful , waouwww

  8. Very creative, so cute and delicious..:D


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