Tuesday 5 January 2016

Tsum Tsum Toast & Ice-cream

Hello! Happy New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates, school started this Monday and I've been so busy. The boys are finally at the same session this year and their school has moved back to it's original premise, we can walk to school again and I no longer have to make multiple trips to send and fetch them. :)

IT is in his final year of primary school, this will also be the last year he will bring bentos to school, it's really not the norm to bring bentos here. It's going to be a busy year for IT, he's already gotten quite an amount of work on the first day of school. -_- We are happy he got back into the same class again for his final year, and he also got back the English HOD teacher that we like, yay to that. He also got the HOD for Chinese this year, who's well known for giving lots of homework, I hope he doesn't complains too much, lol. :P

I will still be clearing backlog from last year, but will also try to slot in more recent creations now and then. This Pooh and friends baguette was from last year, made this quite a long time back, it was fun making them with different toppings. For more up to date creations, please follow my Instagram, blog postings are a lot slower.

Pooh was made from cheese and nori. Piglet was made using ham and nori. Tigger was made with salmon, cheese, ham and nori. Lastly, Eeyore was made using ham (dyed blue by soaking in blue pea flower water), cheese and nori.

Which one is your favourite? That's LT picking his favourite one, not because he likes Pooh best but he likes ham and cheese combi best, lol.

Pooh and friends in ice cream form this time. Not a new idea, quite similar to the Hello Kitty ice cream I made over here.

I used Deco Furi to colour the rice for Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. Piglet was coloured using sushi seasoning. It's much faster to use Deco Furi when you need to have multiple colours for your rice.

The ice cream cone was made using rice and aburaage, I cut out the aburaage in strips and arrange them in criss-cross pattern. If you have my bento book, you can check out the details to make the cone on page 32. :)


  1. Super cute! I especially love the sandwiches!

  2. Ming,新年快乐!!

  3. The baguettes are soooo mouth watering! They are all super CUTE! I also love your cute design knife.:)

  4. The toasts are sooo cute! :)


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