Tuesday 26 August 2014

Hello Kitty Living Room & Bedroom

I've been sleeping early the past two nights, felt a little feverish and thought I better rest more in case I come down with flu. Thank goodness I feel a lot better today. :)

Remember the Rilakkuma living room I shared before? You can click HERE to take a look if you missed it. This is the Hello Kitty version of that living room. This time, I added in a grand piano as well. I had wanted to make Hello Kitty, but I ran out of time.

Yah, I know the proportions are kind of wrong, the sofa looks gigantic next to the grand piano. :P Ingredients used to make this food art were sandwich, nori, ham and cheese. Rather simple ingredients. The bag, shoe and food on the coffee table were all from my Re-Ment set.

I let my boys create their own sandwich, I gave them lettuce, ham, smoked salmon and tuna mayonnaise for the fillings.

This Hello Kitty bedroom food art was done on a different day. I made Hello Kitty and her bear plush out of mashed potato. Ingredients used to create the bedroom were bread, egg, ham and nori.

My boys ate this with a beef patty and lettuce. It's like a burger, except I swapped the burger bun with bread instead. I also made some asparagus soup for them.

I think I will be making Rilakkuma's bedroom next. :)
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  1. Amazing! You keep outdoing yourself! I love this!

  2. Love this, the details are amazing!

  3. Omg!! Ming, this is amazing and soooo kawaii!!
    Love all the details and the sleeping Hk tgt with her bear^^

  4. These are beyond amazing! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. This is FANTASTIC Ming and I love all of the detailings!! Glad to know that you are feeling much better.:)


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