Wednesday 24 August 2011

Bathing Bear Bento

This is the first time I make a Charaben for dinner. I saw this bathing bear bento sometime back on a jap blog, had wanted to try out but din have the opportunity. Daddy's not home for dinner today, and that is the time when I will cook a one dish meal for dinner. It's also usually a beef dish, that is coz Daddy does not fancy beef, so I hardly cook it when he's around. So, here's presenting our no fuss dinner for tonight, Japanese beef curry with potatoes and carrots.

IT's bear bathing in curry

And here's LT's bear taking a soak.


  1. I just saw this bathing bear..they are so cute and seems like enjoying their time. :D

  2. Hi mama elaine, tks! I fell in love when I saw the idea on online. But din hv a chance to try out till now. :)


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