Monday 22 August 2011

Angry Birds' King Pig Bento

I made a green pig bento sometime back, the boys asked me to add a crown then, so that he can become king pig. I finally got the crown picks, thanks to the bento seller Jmama, who kindly helped me to search for them. The original crown pick that I was looking for is no longer in production, so I had to settle for these transparent ones instead.

I din have much time for the snack box, so I just jazz them up with some cute picks. :)

Bento for LT, can u spot the transparent yellow crown?

Bento for IT, try spotting the yellow crown again

Snack box for IT, rice krispies yoghurt bars

I bought an angry birds toy set for the boys, very cool set, where they can play angry birds in real life. They love it and it's now their favourite toy, for the time
setting up

stacking up

the launcher

the gang

the boys and their favourite toy for now

Oh, and if you have the below set of picks to sell away, please contact me. I dun mind preloved ones, if they are in good condition. :)

(photo taken off photobucket, user:hawaiixshinobi)

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  1. i have been searching MONTHS for those same crown picks as well!

    I <3 your bentos.

  2. @wyowoman, tks. I've been looking all over for them too. :( They are not in production anymore. :(


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