Wednesday 24 August 2011

Peeping Bear Croissant Bento

IT kept waking up in the middle of the nite and I could not sleep well. I overslept in the morning and woke up much later than usual. It's a relief that I am just planning to make a simple croissant for them. I quickly cook their breakfast and stuff the croissants with shaved ham and sliced block cheddar. Then, I just toasted them for a short while.

I had wanted to just decorate the croissant with picks, but I still had some time left after I'm done with the preparations, so I made a speedy cheese bear to decorate the bento. I'm sure many have seen these peeping bears before, they are a fast way to decorate your bento. I stacked them on ham as the cheese are too soft.

LT's lunch box

IT's lunch box

IT's snack box for school

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