Sunday 28 August 2011

Teacher's Day Cards

Ok, this is not a bento related post. The boys did some teacher's day card for their teachers. This year, I came up with this easy idea, just decorating the front with stamping, and then the boys can draw and write their message inside.

The materials, I did the flags in advance for them, using washi tape and fabric tape.

The boys decorated the front of the card by stamping.

LT working on his card.

LT drawing his teacher and him. :) He still can't write very well, so I held his hand and wrote together with him.

IT working on his card.

My boy has grown up. This is the first time IT writes his own message to his teachers, without any help from me. I like it, coz it truely came from his heart. :)

IT finishing it off with a drawing.

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