Monday 26 December 2011

Bento Shopping in Taiwan

We are back from our holiday. :) I'm sharing the bento related bits of our shopping in this post. Hope you will find it useful if you are going over for a holiday in Taiwan. :)

You can find bento stuff in Daiso, Saiyukan and Hands Tailung. The stuff they carry are different, so I think the latter two are definitely worth a visit. You can probably give Daiso a miss if you already have one in your country.

I did not plan to go Daiso, but since We walked past one, I went in for a look. Spot the boys and me in the mirror. :P

Their bento stuff were the same as what we have in Singapore. But their goods were slightly cheaper, around $1.70 each.

More bento stuff that I saw at Daiso.

The next shop I went to was Saiyukan. They have quite a few branches, and most of their stuff are relatively cheap.

I went to three different branches, and the variety is slightly different.

Lots of lunch boxes, I did not get any coz my cupboard has no space. :(

Love their picks, it's cheap, most are priced at slightly over $2.

Nori punchers and rice molds.

These were from the baking rack.

And lastly, I went to Hands Tailung. This was opened by Tokyu Hands in Japan. For those who have been to Tokyu Hands, you will know that it spans 7 levels. But Hands Tailung in Taiwan is a lot smaller, it's only one level, and so the bento stuff are very limited.

These were from the shop above Taipei train station.

Sandwich cutters. :)

Sauce containers, picks, etc.

These were from Hands Tailung in Zhongli. I love the lego lunch boxes, but they were ex!

There was another rack of bento stuff, but the staff saw me and stopped me from taking photos after this shot. :P

These are my loots. I could not resist the picks coz they were cheap, though I hardly use them in my bentos. :P

Some foodstuff from their supermarket, and a bento book by a Japenese chef who is based in Taiwan. :)

And these will be for my 200th post bento giveaway. I'll probably add in a lunch box too then. :)


  1. Saiyukan should be 100 yen company. Exactly what I saw in Tokyo but it seems that Taiwan has more stuff. Wow ur post really make me want to go Taiwan to grab those stuff!!! Looking forward to ur 200th bento post!! Glad to discover ur blog!

  2. @ Diana, yeah! Now if only We hv those shops here too.

    @ Anonymous, Pls leave behind ur nick/name next time. :) Maybe it's coz it's not a 100 yen shop in tw? Oh, Tokyo definitely hv lots more stuff, I din go Saiyukan in Tokyo. But u can get tons of bento stuff at LOFT n Tokyu Hand, much more than tw..

  3. Ohhh it's funny that you bought these in Taiwan !!! I lived in Taiwan for 6 years when I was younger, and I decided (with my boyfriend) to come back there for one month, last summer, to improve my chinese ! Since I had already started my bento blog, I looked for bento stuff EVERYWHERE, hahah, i came back with a huuuuuuuge bag of bento accessories and boxes ! I gave most of them away, but still i kept some for myself. I love Taiwan, I wish I could go back as soon as possible. I even made a rubric on my blog about my trip, mostly about the food that we ate there ( I read that you are from Singapore, I wanted to say that I've been to Singapore as well, and I also liked it very very much. :)

    1. Wow, you can speak Chinese? I love Taiwan too, and Japan. We are thinking of going Taiwan again end of this year. I also love France, went there once on my honeymoon trip to Europe. Hope to visit again but will be tougher coz it's expensive. I have to check out ur blog once I'm done with replying comments, :)

    2. I saw the photos, drooling over the fd pics. Sorry, I can't figure out how to comment on ur site, so din managed to leave a comment there.

  4. omg. i think i will go crazy looking at those bennto tools! I love the picks especially! I only able to buy those picks online here and the price is not cheap too. I shall refrain myself from buying too much online, so I can go and shop till drop in Taiwan! LOL

    1. Missed out ur comment, Yenn. Hv u gone yet? Yah, lots of choices compared to here. :)

  5. 哈~現在才在看你去年的博文。我去年年底也到台灣去了,但是就是沒有機會到那彩遊館,今年年底一定要再去找找看!


    1. TM, 我们今年也可能会再去台湾。我其实是想去东京,不过我先生一直说要去台南玩,所以看来还是会倒回那。哈哈,你说得对,弟弟像我,哥哥像爸爸。

    2. 喔~

      我真的希望这趟去台湾可以去到那个“彩游馆”哦~。去年去的时候,时间有限,只找到“tokyu hands”。我觉得台湾的地址不好找,我又拖大带小的,不敢只顾着找自己想要去的地方。


    3. Tokyu hands 好像有间最大,不过我没去到。彩游馆你可能要去网上看下地址,我上次是特地归入路线中。嘻嘻,我行程改变,我老公答应让我去东京,台南应该明年会去。:)

  6. Hi,
    You mentioned that Hands Tailung is above Taipei Train station, may I know which floor is it located at? Is it in a shopping mall? I'm going this Sept. Thank you so much for the info.
    Love your bento creation and can't wait to get my hands on your new book!

    1. I can't remember actually as it was a few years back, I only remember it's same floor as food court. You can check out here, I think it's on the 2nd floor from the info. If you like zakka stuff, please visit Natural Kitchen ( The shop is from Japan, carries lots of nice stuff and very affordable. They were not opened yet when I visited Taiwan but I think
      I have a pic of them in the Japan bento shopping section. Awww, Tk u so much and I hope you like the book.


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