Thursday 1 December 2011

Airplane Bento

We are leaving for our holiday in another 13 days. The boys are very excited over taking the airplane. So, I dug out my airplane cutter and did up this bento for their dinner. It's an idea I got from the internet, but can't remember where though, surf around too much. =P

I did up their aeroplanes in their favourite colors. Red is for IT, he's having multi-grained rice, crispy wings, egg, cheese and broccoli with mushrooms. He gets extra servings of vegetables and saba in another bowl. The boys eat bigger portions for their dinner which I've problem fitting in their usual bento boxes. Excuse to shop for a bigger box. Hohohoho. :D

LT likes blue, same food as ITs in the bento, he gets saba in another bowl.

I brought the boys down to the library to borrow some books on Tuesday. I got some travel books for myself. :) Last minute planning for our upcoming trip.

Modified an ayam penyet recipe for these wings. The combi of coriander, cumin and coconut milk turned out surprisingly good.

Saba for their dinner, cooked with happy call pan. They shared a slice, the other slice was for Daddy. :)


  1. Super cute! Love the sun egg. Where are you going on holiday?

  2. @Diana, Tks! :) We will be going Taiwan. Going to do some bento shopping there, will post photos when I'm back. Will also try to get some bento stuff 4 my 200th post giveaway. :)


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