Wednesday 7 December 2011

Santa Claus, Reindeer and Snowman Christmas Bento

A long title for my post today! This is likely to be my last bento for this year. I would love to make more Christmas bentos but unfortunately, I doubt I have time to do so. :( I need to do some spring cleaning and get off my butt to pack for our upcoming trip soon.

Dinner Bento for IT, in the box are pork nuggets, spinach tamago, quail eggs and chicken nugget. Santa's hat and snowman's scarf are made out of candies!

Dinner Bento for LT, same food as above. IT ate LT's quail eggs. Yah, the fussy fella hates eggs. :P

Christmas bentos for the boys. :)

This salmon was also part of their dinner, I served it in another plate. I just shallow fried it with the same oil that I did the pork nuggets and lightly drizzled with soya sauce.

We chanced upon a nice cafe, just at our neighbourhood library. There were lots of crafts available for the kids to do at the cafe. These mosaic tiles crafts were done by the boys there. I did help with the clipping of the titles and final tidying up. We will be paying the cafe a visit again this Friday, when we go down to the library to return our books. I'll share some photos of the place if I do remember to bring down my camera. :)


  1. My Gosh, these photos are so cute I can't even see straight!!! I love it! Lovely work!

  2. OMG,everyone of them are so cute from Santa to Reindeer to the picks....and the fish just looks so yummy. Brilliant!!

  3. I love your Santas! I haven't yet made a Christmas themed Bento, but I'm getting lots of ideas today, blog hopping :)

  4. The santas are awesome, but I'm in love with your rudolphs! They are just so adorable. You did a great job of using the natural shape of the food to make cute reindeer :)

  5. lovely christmas bentos, well done!

  6. @Berrygirl, haha, tks! :)
    @Rina, Tks! :)
    @Julie, I'm sure you will get lots of inspiration online. :)
    @Natakiya, tks! :)
    @Bobo, tks! Missed ur bentos. :)

  7. WOW!! Is that ever adorable! You did a terrific job. :)


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