Thursday 29 December 2011

Shaun the Sheep and Pig

I finally got a bigger bento box for the boys that can fit in their dinner. I made this bento for their dinner last nite. I wanted to do some bentos that will help to recall the memorable parts of our trip. I decided to start with Sheep and Piggy, two of the many animals they saw during our holiday. :)

That's Shaun the sheep for IT, in the box are mixed grained rice, braised wings, broccoli and salmon belly.

Pig for LT, he's having the same food as above. I accidentally used red coloring for the cheese, which explains why the top portion of piggy is red.

Their 2 bentos for last nite. :) I'm sharing about the sheep, goats and pigs we saw in this post.

We stayed at Leofoo resort Guanshi for 2 nites, more on that in another post next time. These goats were at the back of the resort.

This goat was very greedy, the boys refused to feed him. lol.

LT giving him a lecture on not snatching food from your fellow goats. :P

This was on another day, on our way up to the mountains. The driver uncle that took us around was really nice, he brought us here to feed the piggies. :) He even paid for the 2 bottles of milk.

You have to hold the bottle tight, coz the pigs will just pull them away.

LT was upset, coz the piggies pulled away his bottle! After some pacifying, he fed the pigs with IT's bottle. It was amusing watching the piggies fighting and biting one another.

LT teaching the pigs a lesson this time.

This is the place we stayed in the mountains. I'm in love with the sign boards in Taiwan, they are all so cutee! :)

The lovely place we stayed, the rooms were huge and comfy. It was foggy that day.

They provide congee breakfast every morning. Very simple fare, but extremely tasty and homely.

We went to the sheep farm for a visit. LT saying hello to the sheep.

They have such pretty eyelashes.

See, even the recycle bins are so cute! :)

There were lots of spider webs everywhere. So beautiful and delicate.


  1. I love the bentos and your children are super cute and having fun. Oh, I miss yummy congee and don't mind eating every day :)

  2. What a great way to remember a great trip!

  3. @Rina, Tks, We had a great time. I love them for breakfast too, especially when the weather is cold but I'm too lazy to wake up early to cook,

    @Diana, Tks, hope to make a few more of such. :)

  4. The uncle was so nice!
    So funny of the pigs, does L still love pigs after this experience? LOL :)

  5. @Faith, yes, he was, he also treated us other fd too. Hope can get him again when we go back. Lol, I think he still likes coz he still chose the pig bento. :)

  6. 我年底要到台湾去。这次想到六福村。你推荐吗?

    1. 不推荐六福村,但推荐六福庄。如果入住六福庄,就顺便到六福村走走吧。恳丁应该好玩哦!:)

  7. Hi, lovely bentos and kids. :)

    Can you advise if there is anything to do in Leofoo resort in the morning? We are departing for the airport in the late morning and are contemplating a short guided tour if there's nothing to do in the resort in the morning.

    Many thanks!

    1. They have guided tours n feeding there, but need to check the schedule. Other than that, there's nothing much other than watching the animals, but kids should love that due to the close proximity to the animals.


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