Friday 30 December 2011

Of Bentos and Taiwan Night Markets

I did some last minute bentos for their dinner yesterday and today. Not much of a Charaben, I dunno what to call them. lol. :)

The boys are starting School next week, so I'll be making daily bentos on weekdays again. The boys have already given me tons of request on what bentos they want, will try to fulfil the easier ones first. :P

This was for yesterday. This was IT's box, he had mixed grained rice, braised pork, salt/pepper chicken and cabbage/carrots. There's mayo in the piggy container.

This one was for LT, exactly the same stuff as above.

My first attempt at making pork jerky or known locally as Bak Kwa here. Recipe from Munch Ministry. It's a site for Happycall pan users, really informative.

And they had some for their dinner today. This was for IT, he had mixed grained rice, tobiko tamago, teriyaki squid, pork chop alternate with pork jerky and strawberries.

This was for LT, he gets more strawberries and no squid, as he does not like them. The cheese are melting as I was in a hurry to finish off the bento and had no time to wait for the rice to cool down.

No trip to Taiwan is complete without a visit to their happening night markets. And so, just a few shots of their night markets.

Our first stop was the Shilin night market.

We had teppanyaki for dinner, the portion was huge and the price was cheap.

We were already very full after the teppanyaki dinner, but We were all craving for the famous Taiwanese crispy chicken cutlet. So Hubby bought one from the stall with a long queue.

This was at Tamsui, plenty of shops/stalls selling food again. We had some grilled scallops.

Our last night market was the Fengjia night market in Taichung. I think this one is my favorite out of the three.

Daddy bought furry hats for the boys. IT wanted tiger, it's his favourite animal.

LT wanted a lion but it was too big for him. He settled for this husky but......he insisted it was a wolf. -_-

We had fried chicken again. :)

We saw this cool automated prawns grilling machine, so We bought some prawns to eat.

Lastly, Happy New Year, I'll be back next Tuesday with my first bento for 2012. :)


  1. L's hat is sooo cute!!! oh and I tot it was a wolf too until you said otherwise :P

    It seems like TW ppl are generally nice :)

  2. @faith, there were a lot of nice ones, Mario/luigi/one pc hats, Mario mushrm, angry birds, rilakkuma n lots of animals. Their first choice was Mario/luigi's hats but it was too big for them. I tried persuading I to get mushrm n L to get rilakkuma coz I like but they were not int. :p

    Yes, most were really friendly, especially the older generation.

  3. LOL! You shd have gotten the rilakkuma for urself :P


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