Friday 30 November 2012

Rudolph and Santa Bento

The bento I'm sharing today was done yesterday. I did not have time to post about it yesterday. I also made Christmas themed lunch and snacks for today, I'll post them next week instead. :P

A simple Christmas lunch for LT. :) Santa and Rudolph are both moulded out of short grained brown rice. Tomatoes for their noses, crabstick for Santa's hat and sausage for Rudolph's antlers. I also packed the box with broccoli, teriyaki chicken and strawberries.

There's only one Christmas bento today because IT had a back to School bento instead. I can't share it at the moment, will share next year when I can do so. :)

I made snowmen for their snacks. The buns were baked on Wednesday, I made them together with the Moomin buns. Then, I dipped them in white chocolate yesterday. The boys scrapped off some chocolate from the snowman on the right before I could take a photo. -_-

Packed myself a Christmas bento too, just by using these picks from BentoUSA. :) I've char siew in my box, kept them from last night's dinner. :)
Items used or seen in today's bentos:


  1. As always, I am blown away by your skill Ming!! I love the Reindeer and Santa!! :)

  2. They are super adorable and I especially love the antlers, very creative! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Tk u, Rina, I did, now busy packing for holiday. :)

  3. O...They are so cute! Rudolph? Santa? Oh...they both just adorable....

  4. wow, I love your reindeer so much, brilliant idea

  5. Omg! It super nice & creative of this bento !!!! I love it wry much , good job dear !


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