Thursday 3 July 2014

Snoopy & Woodstock Somen

I've been so busy everyday since school started. Sorry, probably won't be blogging much this month, not sure if I'll blog more often after that, I kind of like this current blogging routine of around two posts per week, lol. Here's a slightly longer post for today to make up for my lack of blogging.

I mentioned previously that I love using somen/soba to create food art, as they don't take up too much of my time. This time, I decorated my boys' cold somen dinner as Snoopy. Somen was served cold with soba dipping sauce. I also cooked teriyaki meat patties for them to go with the somen.

Ingredients used to create Snoopy were cheese and nori. If you interested in making this, you can click HERE to check out a tutorial I did for My Melody somen, the ways to make both are similar.

I went on to make Woodstock somen on another day. This time I cooked chicken and carrots for the side dish.

Woodstock was made using yellow egg somen, the outlines were all done using boiled kombu.

Sharing these Snoopy and Woodstock donuts from Mister Donut in Japan. I wanted to share them last year in another post but forgot to do so. These were their Peanuts characters Christmas edition last year.

These special edition donuts were pretty tasty, but my all time favourite is still their glazed "pon de ring". If you look at the upper photo, you can see a blur picture of the "pon de ring" at the background. I could not find a clearer picture in my camera, my only clearer picture is a selfie of me with my "pon de ring', which I can't share as I no longer share our personal photos.
Where to get same item used in today's post:


  1. Cute somen! I love Mister Donut! Rdgs, Emily

  2. I love both Snoopy and Woodstock somen, super cute!!:)

  3. Snoopy and WOodstock doughnuts!! Wish I could get my hands on some. But bo chance go Japan.

    1. Nvm, I think no more liao, coz it was for Christmas.

  4. Hi Ming, may I know what is the dipping sauce? I always want to prepare soba/ somen for my kids but don't know what sauce to put.

    1. Ai Wei, I use the same dipping sauce for soba. I use this recipe if I'm not lazy. If I'm lazy, I just use the store bought soba sauce, lol.

    2. Thanks Ming!
      I always love your food art!


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