Tuesday 15 July 2014

CuteZcute Cuddly Palz Review

I am so excited to share with you about the new sandwich cutter from CuteZCute. I believe most of you would have already seen it on their site. This new cutter is called Cuddle Palz and works the same way as their very popular Animal Friends cutter.

The cutter is very easy to use and can help you make a kawaii bento box in a few minutes.

Cuddle Palz is a seven piece set which consists of 1 head cutter, 1 body cutter, 4 different stamps/cutters (koala, tiger, hamster and bear) and a very cute koala food pick. This set can gives you up to 40 different combinations. Cuddle Palz can be used on bread, cheese, wraps, fruits, pancakes, dough, etc. They are endless possibilities on what you can use them on.

All four Cuddle Palz animals are very cute, but my favourite has got to be the koala. The branch by the side is from leftover bread crust. Don't throw away your cut outs, you can keep and use them to make bread crumbs, recipe HERE.

I decided to add on a baby koala. The head of the baby koala was cut out using the nose of the koala cutter, his ears and hands were from the eyes of the bear cutter.

Can you see the koala food pick in the bento box at the back? This pick comes with the set and you can use it to remove small cut outs from the cutters. It can double as a kawaii decoration to your bento box too.

I'm holding a Cuddle Palz giveaway over at my Instagram. You can click HERE to join. Giveaway opens internationally and will close on this coming Friday. :)
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  1. Very creative! Love the baby koala and how your koala looks like it is climbing a tree!

  2. I've seen these cutters around only recently! I like getting bento news from you :) on latest products and what they look like and how they come out.

    I have a random question not related to the post. Do you have a recipe for your shaped and colored mashed potato that you make into bears/other shapes? I was wondering how it holds its shape well and when to add in food dye. Maybe you could write about it in another post instead ^_^ of answering here. Appreciated either way!

    - Nony

    1. Thank you, Nony. I'll do up a post about it next time, but I don't know how long I will take as I'm quite slow in blogging. So, I'll answer you here as well. There's no recipe, what I do is to cut potato in small cubes, and steam till soft to mash up. I add in a pinch of salt when mashing. They can be coloured using Wilton gel colourings. After that, I just mould it like dough, using my hands. Eg, roll into ball by rolling with my palms. You can also use cling wrap to shape.

    2. Thank you! Do you add the gel coloring right after mashing? And do you refrigerate them before molding or they are okay to mold while still warm after you cook it?

    3. Yes, add colourings right after mashing. I wait for it to cool down b4 mashing. You can also add a little butter (just a little) n leave in the fridge, b4 moulding.

    4. Sorry, I mean I wait for it to cool down b4 moulding.

    5. :) I appreciate the help! What kind of potatoes do you use?

    6. I've not really tried different kinds of potatoes, so not too sure if some might be better. I usually use baby potatoes, simply because I usually stock that at home.

  3. 这模具好漂亮!那无尾熊宝宝做法太聪明了吧!


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