Tuesday 8 July 2014

World Cup Soccer Rice Burger

Have you been following the World Cup? The semi-finals will be starting at 4am soon. I've not been following the World Cup at all, I've nil interest in it, I did not even keep track of the results. My hubby loves watching the telecasts though, I guess almost all guys do. He's been catching the previous matches ( those that he considers more exciting) with his friends at the nearby MacDonalds and Community Centres. He's off to bed early tonight so that he can wake up early to catch the semi-finals.

I made this World Cup theme dinner around two weeks ago. I thought I better not procrastinate any longer and post it today before the World Cup is over.

The soccer ball was actually a rice burger. There's a chicken patty and lettuce between the rice buns.

I also made a mashed potato bear holding a Brazil flag. I'm not supporting any countries, chose the Brazil flag, simply because the World Cup is held there this year. :)
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  1. Lovely nori cutting for the soccer ball!

  2. 我也不爱看球赛,但是却被您的球汉堡迷住了!!

  3. I love the soccer rice burger and the small bear is just adorable! So creative!

  4. You're very creative! That soccerball are very cute, I also like the Mario and Luigi


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