Wednesday 30 July 2014

Instagram Soba & Steam Cake

I have been rather inactive on social medias in recent years, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. I hardly check Facebook unless someone tags or messages me. I only share links to my new blog post on Twitter and Google+, I don't check them at all. I am slightly more active on Instagram, as I love looking at photos, but I don't check it very often as well.

An Instagram food art has been on my to-do list for a long time. I've always wanted to do a bread and rice version, but I've seen plenty of those around, so I decided to do the Instagram logo using soba instead.

As usual, soba is served cold, with a dipping sauce. I air-fried some wings for the sides, just rubbed on some sea-salt and cajun seasoning before dumping them in the fryer.

I used a mix of soba and somen here, the other details were done using nori, cheese, capsicum and purple cabbage.

I've been experimenting with one of my steam cake recipe that does not use pancake mix. This was one of the cakes I made using that recipe. I've updated the recipe and post, please click HERE to see.

I won't be sharing the recipe for this, as it's not nicely done, I added on too much cocoa powder for the brown batter and too much charcoal powder for the black batter.
Where to get same item used in today's post:


  1. Soba and the steam cake looks fantastic Ming!! I am on the same boat with you when comes to social media, I don't have instagram and twitter and only started my fb page after a year of blogging.

  2. Love both versions! Very creative! I only started on Instagram a few months back and I love scrolling through it looking at pictures.


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