Friday 24 October 2014

Pooh Bear & Piglet in Autumn

I love the beautiful colors of fall. I love snowy white winter too. Unfortunately, it's summer all year round where we live, lol.

Taking a break from Halloween bentos to post an autumn themed food art. Pooh and Piglet are having so much fun in fall. Please ignore their proportions, I should have made Piglet a little smaller, I was lazy, so I just left it. Maybe I'll remake this again next year.

Pooh was made using rice coloured with mashed hard boiled egg yolk, crabstick and nori. Piglet was made using rice coloured with sushi seasoning, ham and nori. The leaves are cut out from egg sheet.

I added in one of Pooh's eyebrows digitally, I remembered making both eyebrows, I've no idea why it's missing in the photos. -_- Did you notice those autumn leaves in the pictures, those are real leaves the hubby brought back from Kyoto. I kept them in a book after taking this photo, they look much nicer flattened out.
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  1. Omg!!! Ming,this looks like a real one,you are sooooo talented.

  2. Love this autumn bento! Love the egg sheet leaves, they are beautiful!

  3. Aww, what a super cute autumn bento, I love it!!:)


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