Monday 13 October 2014

Graveyard Pasta & Toast

My boys only have school for today, it's holiday for the rest of this week. Not really a holiday for them, as they have exams next week, so they will be studying instead. They are still happy to be off from school. And I'm looking forward to sleeping in, I hate waking up early. :P


More Halloween food art to share. I made this Halloween pasta last week. My boys say the zombie is too cute, I need to make him scarier. Huh?!? He looks rather scary to me, lol.

The black pasta is squid ink pasta, which I cooked aglio olio style with bacon.

Tombstone was meat patty, with cheese letterings. Ghost is made from quail egg and nori. Zombie and pumpkins are mashed potato and spider is made using olive.

I got the idea for this Halloween toast from pinterest, I simplified it though. I just cut out the nori parts on cheese free hand.

Ingredients used for this toast were carrots, quail eggs, olives, asparagus and nori. Love those Halloween picks, they are cupcake toppers, but great for bentos too.
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  1. Love both the toast and pasta! Brilliant idea!

  2. Me too LOVE both the toast & pasta!!!!

  3. Me three!Love both the toast and pasta!!Soooo lovely!!

  4. Both pasta and toast look fantastic and delicious! I love the meat patty tombstone idea!:)


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