Tuesday 7 October 2014

Vampire & Grim Reaper Bento

Daddy is in Nagoya for a work trip now, he went a day earlier and took a side trip to Kyoto. How I wish we could all go but exams are coming, so I'm stuck in Singapore doing revisions with my boys instead. -_- He'll be back tomorrow, waiting for him to come back with my stuff, asked him to get me something for my bentos. :)


Halloween has got to be our favourite bento theme, I love making Halloween bentos and my boys show the most interest over them. For my first Halloween bento this year, I made Jiang Shi (僵尸), not sure what you call it in English, is it chinese vampire, lol?

Vampire was made using rice, nori, capsicum and egg sheets. Side dishes were broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, grapes and strawberries.

If you are as 'young' as me, you would probably be no stranger to the Hong Kong movie, Mr. Vampire《僵尸先生》. The inspiration for this bento is from that movie. I did not know what I should write on the talisman, so I just drew a squiggly line.

After I was done with the vampire, IT came to take a look. He said it is way too cute, I should make something scarier. Since I still have some time that day, I went on to make this Grim Reaper bento.

This one was done quite fast, he's made from rice, nori, black sesame seeds, cheese and carrot.

I should have packed him in another box, he looks a little too short. I asked IT if this one is scary, he said it is better than the previous one but still not scary enough.  -_-
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  1. I love them both Ming, the detailings on both are fantastic!! Hehe, I remember watching Hong Kong vampire movies and they all came out from coffins, brings back memories.:)

  2. Love both of these, especially the Grim Reaper! It's been a long time since I watched those Hong Kong vampire movies!

  3. so interesting to make the jiang shi bento! cool!~

  4. Wow!sooo cool~especially the 僵尸先生^^


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