Friday 27 December 2013

Panda Sandwich Bento

Black + Blum has kindly sent me one of their lunch box, the Sandwich on Board, just before I left for my vacation.

This is the beautiful box I received. This box is large at 1 litres, but it's perfect for packing in bread and sandwiches, as most traditional bento boxes are rather small for packing in a decent size sandwich. It works well for rice too, click HERE to check out my previous post where I packed in onigiris in this box. As you can see from my previous post, this functional box is definitely not restricted to packing sandwiches.

The Sandwich on Board combines an aluminium box with a wooden bamboo lid. The bamboo lid doubles as an antibacterial cutting board. How cool is that! The aluminum box has a rubber sealing all around the sides to prevent spillage and a black band holds everything together.

I packed in two grilled chicken sandwiches and a salad for my lunch.

I added on two pandas as decoration. The pandas were just cut out from cheese using two bear shaped cutters.

The Sandwich on Board is available in three colours, pink, green and silver. Pink and green are striking and pretty, but I chose sleek silver as I prefer a minimalist look. :)
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  1. Adorable pandas! Love their little bums! And what a cool bento box!

  2. Omg the pandas are super cute!!! The sandwich box looks really nice. You should collect all 3 colors :)

    1. Tk u, FamyGirl. Lol, yes, so tempted but I am running out of space at hm. :(

  3. Beautiful box, adorable meal!

  4. Those bears are so cute!

  5. I love this Black and Blum box too! its so useful though quite large ;) nice panda sandwiches

  6. Super cute Pandas and the box is beautiful, love it!:)


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