Friday 3 May 2013

Bread Car Bento

I've always wanted to make cars from bread buns, but somehow never got to it till now. I did a step by step photos on how to do these bread cars in today's post. :)

I made a boy and girl driving bear cars. :P The bun is filled with tuna. :)

My boys also had croquettes, broccoli and strawberries for lunch. :)

I packed a slightly different version for School, bears driving bear cars instead. :)

They fit in well in these sandwich boxes. :)

I've been lazy to pack myself a lunch box these days, preferring to just spend whatever extra time I have to catch up on my dramas. -_- Here's a dinner I managed to snap a photo of, dinner that day was taiwanese minced pork stew, chicken cutlet and fish soup. :)

Sharing the steps to make the bread cars below.

Slice off a portion of the bread as shown above. Fill your bun with whatever fillings you prefer.

Boil sausage and slice out 8 small sections, 4 for the wheels and 2 for the bear's ears. If you find the sausages too big for the bear's ears, you can cut it with a smaller round cutter.

Attach on the car's wheels and bear's ears with pasta. I'm using a thicker pasta here so it will hold better. Cut out ovals for bear's eyes and circle for bear's nose from cheese.

Punch out blusher for bear's cheeks from ham. You can also use a straw if you do not have a small round cutter. I used the mutli-shoe puncher for the bear's features.

For the steering wheel, cut out cheese with a circle. Then, cut the circle in half and use a toothpick to cut out the shape of the wheel. Lay the cheese on nori and cut nori following the cheese outline.

I used the above cutters and puncher to make the bear.

Assemble the steering wheel and bear on the car and you are done. :) I should have done these earlier, they are cute and easy to make! I will probably be doing lots of variations of these, like Hello Kitty driving a Hello Kitty car, Rilakkuma driving a Rilakkuma car, etc.

One more thing before I end my post. It's Star Wars Day tomorrow, and I will be joining a Star Wars bento hop. I will be posting my Star Wars bentos after midnight, please check back to see what I did and to visit other blogs to check out what my bento friends have done. :)
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  1. Wow, this really looks easy n fast to assemble. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial Ming! Fm ET

  2. 谢谢你的教学步骤,真的是一目了然。


  3. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial! Will try to make it someday! 😃

  4. Wow, this is the cutest car bread I have ever seen!!! I have seen quite a few but this is the cutest with the most adorable face and thanks for the tutorial! LOVE!!:)

  5. So cute! Lovely tutorial too!

  6. I have always wanted to make car bread bentos too! yours looks lovely!!! the tuna filling so yummy too!

  7. Thanks for sharing, what a fantastic idea!

  8. Omg! You are so talented! I follow you on instagram and just now decided to check out your blog. It's amazing. I love you tutorials. Your bentos are so creative. Thanks for sharing! :)


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