Wednesday 25 February 2015

Summikko Gurashi & Fortune Cat Bento

Today is the 7th day of the Chinese New Year and the day is called Renri, which literally means Human Day. So, Happy Birthday to you and me. :)

IT is at his school camp today, it's a 3 days 2 nights camp, so he'll be back again on friday. Missing him at home, 2 nights seems a little long since we can't contact him, the only good thing is I get to wake up late for the next two days, lol.


I'm sharing my last batch of Chinese New Year bentos today, don't intend to make anymore for this year. Do you know this character? It's Neko from Sumikko Gurashi, dressed as a fortune cat. I was looking for something easy to craft and found this picture online.

I've no idea why I've never made any Sumikko Gurashi characters prior to this. They are quite easy to create and look kawaii, I will have to put the rest of the characters onto my to-do list.

Neko is made using rice, light brown portion was coloured using teriyaki sauce. The rest of the details were made using nori, crabstick and cheese.

I made this fortune cat bento today, the cat was made out of mashed potatoes, crabstick, nori and bubu arare (rice puffs).

The fortune cat is sitting on Pad Thai. I used the noodles made using my Philips noodle maker, instead of the usual rice noodles for my Pad Thai.

This is my second fortune cat bento. I made one out of rice before, back in 2013, you can see photos of that over HERE.
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  1. 人日快乐!!

  2. The fortune cat is so tiny and adorable! I agree, I love Sumikko Gurashi but never made any of them for bento before either! LOL.

  3. the fortune cat! So adorable!

  4. the fortune cat! So adorable!

  5. I LOVE the fortune cat, so cute!! Hope IT is having fun at the camp:)


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