Wednesday 20 May 2015

Minion Tamago Sushi & Cream Stew

Hello, I'm back again to update my blog, lol. :) I've been lazing around the past two nights after IT's exams ended, he has gotten almost all his papers back. Quite happy with his results so far, his class has been warned by his teachers last year to expect a drop in marks in Primary 5, but it's not as bad as I expected, his results dropped for one subject but he made it up with improvements in another one, so the overall marks will probably be around the same as last year. I just hope he does well enough to remain in his current class next year.

Minion taking a dip in the pool with his ducky float. I made this Minon food art back when it was super hot. It still is, but it's raining a little more these few days.

Minion was made using rice coloured using mashed egg yolk. The float and the ducks were made from mashed potato. I coloured the mashed potatoes yellow using egg yolk, instead of food colouring this time, and it turned out really well.

I served this with chicken cheese cream stew. I've shared the recipe HERE in this post before.

Tamago minions sushi, which I made this week, right after exams were over. I took a break from food art last week to do exam revision with IT and I was itching to start making food art again this week.

Do you find theses Minions sushi familiar? I actually got the inspiration from my Minions sushi HERE,  which I made two years back.

I did them a little differently this time and I like how they turned out. :)


  1. super cute minions. Congrats to your son!

  2. Well done IT and congrats! I love both versions of the Minions and the mashed potatoes turned out fantastic, love your idea of using egg yolk.

  3. IT真棒!!妈妈的便当也超级棒!!真让人吃得开心啊❤❤

  4. Congrats on his good results! Love your minions dishes, super cute!

  5. Is the star cheese?


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