Monday 8 July 2013

Minions Tamago Sushi & Bread

As mentioned last week, I've two more really easy Minions creations to share. They can both be done in a jiffy. :)

These are tamago sushi. Details are done with nori and cheese. :)

My boys had this with their dinner. :) I've yet to cook dinner at the time I was taking this shot, was hoping to get a shot before the sun sets.

I also made a Nutella Minion toast for IT's snack. LT does not fancy Nutella, so I did not bother to make one for him.

This is just done by spreading and drawing on the bread using Nutella, easy peasy. :)

A tamago sushi lunch I packed for myself last week. I used this little Korilakkuma sauce container which I received from BentoUSA for my soya sauce. Isn't it cute?

Here's some stuff I've been blessed with from BentoUSA during the School holidays. A clay set and Rilakkuma goodies which I am in love with. BentoUSA now stocks super kawaii Sanrio and San-X merchandise. I've included some links below to some more Rilakkuma bento items that caught my eye. :)
Where to get same or similar items used in today's post:


  1. Love the toast! I should out this too!

  2. The tamago sushi looks cute and yummy, I wanna have sushi now but impossible to find any as cute as yours:)The toast looks very neat and love the cute items from Bento USA!

  3. The tamago sushi is so cute!!!
    As is the Nutella toast :)

  4. Everything is wonderful! I love the nutella toast!! hahah super cute!

  5. Brilliant minions!! So cute!

  6. So cute, and I love tamago. Do you have a secret for making it at home? I could throw a scrambled egg on rice, but that's as close as I come. Would love your recipe!

    1. Sarah, hee, my tamago are pretty inconsistent most of the time, coz I don't follow the recipe. But for this tamago sushi, I used this recipe. It's very good and comes with pictorial instructions.


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