Sunday 10 May 2015

Thor & Iron Man Bento

Happy Mother's Day! We spent our Mother's Day at home. IT's exams start next week, so we spent our weekend revising at home. -_- Preparing the boys for exams has to be one of my least favourite part of parenting. IT's workload this year is crazy, they have so much homework to do everyday, I can't even give him much additional work or do much revision with him earlier.

I did not managed to make any Mother's Day themed bento this year, also missed out on Star Wars and Earth Day bentos as well, I did not plan in advance and ended up with no time to make them at the last minute.

I'm sharing another two Avengers themed bento. This bento is Thor.

This side dishes for this were cheese baked prawns, garlic asparagus and pork bulgogi.

To make Thor, I used rice (coloured using ketchup), egg sheet, cheese, nori and ham. I wrapped a slice of ham using aluminium foil for his helmet. I used The Laughing Cow cheese cube and asparagus for Thor's hammer.

This one is Iron Man, I used red bell pepper, cheese and nori to craft him, I placed the parts on top of rice.

The side dishes for this were broccoli, tamagoyaki, grilled wings and carrots. Iron man has got to be our favourite out of the four Avengers themed bentos, because......

......his mask is removable, lol.

The boys kept playing with his mask before they started eating. They said Tony Stark looks too funny. -_-

Here are the four Avengers themed bentos I made. Which one do you like? If you missed out my post on Captain America and Hulk, you can click HERE to check it out.

My flowers for this Mother's Day. My boys passed me a stalk of carnation and rose bought by my hubby. They said the carnation was from them and the rose was from hubby, lol. I did not get any Mother's Day cards on that day, because I told my boys to make them after the exams are over.

My Mother's Day cards from my boys, which they made after the exams.


  1. Amazing!!!! Ming,you are my idol^^ love the removable mask!! lol
    Happy Mother's Day!!❤❤

  2. Your bento is always fantastic.. thanks for sharing 😘😘

  3. Wow! Amazing and I'm speechless >_< All the dishes and superheroes looks yummy!

  4. OMG I love them all, so creative! Also, the flowers are lovely!:)

  5. Love all your Avengers bentos! Very creative!

  6. Omgoodness, these are amazing! The hammer and using the ketchup for dying are genius.

  7. you're so amazing talented.. do you always decor the food everytime you want to eat? i wonder how many time that you spend hehe..

    1. lol, no, I used to make every school day when I just started. Nowadays, I actually only make 3-4 times a week, sometimes for easy designs, I make 2 designs at one time, so it looks like I've been making everyday.


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