Wednesday 5 February 2014

Birthday Bento

It was IT's 10th birthday last Saturday. As his birthday falls on Chinese New Year this year, and we were not in Singapore, we had an advance celebration for him instead.

I made a Rilakkuma sushi cake for their dinner. This is a remake of my creation last year, click HERE to see the previous version. I will probably be making the same sushi cake again for LT's birthday, might replace the characters with Totoro then.

I cooked his favourite fried chicken and fries for dinner.

Here's how I layered the sushi cake. I used a removable cake pan for the sushi cake. Any round container will do too, but a removable cake pan makes it easier to remove the sushi cake after you are done.

I lined it with cling wrap and added in sushi rice.

Then, I layered with smoked salmon, another layer of rice and topped with ebikko. You can do more layers, I added on a layer of shredded egg for the sushi cake last year.

Rilakkuma and friends are made using mashed potato.

I baked a strawberry shortcake as requested by IT. It's my boys' favourtite cake and they always ask me to make one for their birthday.

I've shared the recipe previously, click HERE for it. This time, I used frosty whip, instead of whipped cream. This powder based cream is quite amazing, taste pretty nice too.

IT says he does not want a cartoon cake this time, he wants it to be decorated with strawberries instead. I did an awful job on the frosting, as usual, but thankfully, it did not look too bad upon completion.

IT when he was around 3 months old. Time flies so fast! He's already 10, and it also means I've been a Stay-at-home mum for 10 years. That sounds like such long time and yet it feels like it was just yesterday he was a little baby. He's still the sweetest boy (to me only, for now, lol), he still kisses and hugs me. He's really sensitive and is always the first one to notice and ask what's wrong whenever I'm sad. It's been a blessed 10 years, and I hope we will always remain as close as he grows up. :)
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  1. This is way way way too cute! The strawberry shortcake looks divine too!

  2. 那Rilakkuma Sushi Cake 太可爱了!!怎么舍得吃呢?

  3. Both the sushi cake and strawberry cake look awesome!

  4. Aww, such an adorable baby picture, Happy belated Birthday to IT!:) The sushi cake is super cute and creative!

  5. Any chance to order any of these creation of urs? It's sad i am not a great like you.


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