Friday 10 July 2015

Baymax Burger & Sushi

Baymax is one of those characters I love making, because he is adorable and so easy to make. Another one such character is Gudetama, but I'll leave him for another post.

Rice burger, instead of hamburger for dinner. Rice burger is just like a hamburger, except you substitute compressed rice cakes for the bread buns. The rice cakes are usually pan-fried till lightly browned, I skipped this step here because I want my rice to remain white.

For the fillings, there's homemade teriyaki chicken patties, lettuce and cheddar. I used olives and nori for Baymax's eyes and mouth.

Did you spot the mini Baymax burger? I used quail eggs, ham, cheese and lettuce for this.

I also made Baymax deco sushi. It's been a long time since my last deco sushi attempt. Quite happy it did not turned out too bad, was just trying my luck, since I don't have a recipe to follow for this.

The pink portion was rice coloured with some pink sushi mix. And the hearts on Baymax were cupcake sprinkles. They can't be left on the sushi for too long though, they'll melt and make a mess.

I've been making lots of different sushi lately, have shared a few on Instagram and still have some unshared ones. I still have two sets of Baymax sushi to share, but I'll leave that for another post.

Just one more shot of the Baymax sushi because I happened to take a number of shots, might as well share it, lol. :)


  1. Wow, you're so talented!"
    too cute!! love both of them!!❤❤

  2. Love both your Baymax burgers and sushi. Beautifully done!


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