Monday 27 July 2015

Ron Weasley & Rubeus Hagrid

It's a school holiday today, which I was not aware of till my boys mentioned about it last saturday. I had to double check the calendar to confirm they were right. -_-  Just as well, definitely don't mind a shorter school week, so I get one more day to get up later, lol.

I'm sharing the rest of my Harry Potter series for today. After making Harry Potter and Hermione Granger earlier, I continued with Ron Weasley next. I made Ron Weasley with Scabbers and his broken wand.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that this Ron Weasley food art is slightly different from the one I shared there. The stripes on the scarf was not placed properly on that one, and I did not noticed until I uploaded the photos, so I remake it again.

Ingredients used to make Ron Weasley were rice(coloured with ketchup), pasta(colored with ketchup), nori, cheese, red bell pepper and ham.

Lastly, I decided to make Rubeus Hagrid as well. My initial idea was to make Hagrid and Fang, but halfway through, Fang did not turn out well, so I ditched the idea and replaced it with Hagrid's umbrella instead.

Ingredients used for Hagrid were rice(coloured using ketchup), charcoal noodles, nori, cheese, red bell peppers and abura-age.

Hagrid's umbrella was made from fried pasta stick and ham.

And here are the four Harry Potter themed food art I made, for more details on Harry Potter and Hermione food art I made earlier, you can click here. I will most likely remake them again in the future, already have some ideas but I'm hoping to wait till I visit Hogwarts before I start working on them. Fingers crossed there'll be no hiccups, and we can pay Hogwarts a visit end of this year. :)


  1. Awww Ming you are super talented!!!could not bear to eat ...sooooo lovely!!♥

  2. I love them all especially their hair detailing! I wish we have charcoal noodles here, they look delicious.:)

  3. I know, I almost forgot about the Youth Day holiday too! Love your Harry Potter themed food art, very creative!

  4. Your food art is AMAZING and inspiring - I can't wait until my daughter gets into the series and I can make these for her :)

  5. Amazing! Love your foodart and all so creative as well very adorable!


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