Wednesday 15 July 2015

Peppa Pig & Where's Wally

For today's post, I'm sharing two food art I did during the June school holiday. The characters are  Peppa Pig and Where's Wally, they aren't related in any way, except that they both happened to originate from UK, lol. Peppa Pig is a British cartoon series and Where's Wally is created by an English illustrator.

Peppa Pig and George splashing around in the mud. My boys have never watched any Peppa Pig cartoon before. Peppa Pig wasn't so popular here when they were toddlers, they grew up watching Barney, Elmo, Hi-5, Bob the builder, Little Einsteins, etc.

We have a habit of tuning in to YES 933, one of the chinese radio station here, wherever we are in the car. And the station happened to be playing snippets from the cartoon, which they both found hilarious. They were curious as to what Peppa Pig looks like, so instead of googling for the picture,  I ended up making this food art to show them instead.

Peppa Pig and George were both made using ingredients like ham, bell peppers, red cabbage, cheese and nori, and I placed them on a slice of bread.

And this food art is Where's Wally. I think some countries know him as Where's Waldo instead. This was a sandwich served with sausages, cauliflower and seafood soup. I just found the perfect way to serve cauliflower to my boys, bake them with some oil and salt, they taste really good, can sprinkle on some cheese too.

I remembered reading Where's Wally when I was younger but my boys have no idea who Wally is. Uniqlo had a Where's Wally T-shirt collection for both kids and ladies a few months back. I immediately grabbed two for my boys, and subsequently went back to get myself one too, lol. And that's how my boys came to learn about the existence of Wally.

Ingredients used to make Wally were bread, ham, bell pepper, cheese and nori.


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