Thursday 2 July 2015

Snoopy Hot pot & Car

The first week of school is almost over, been rather busy, can't wait for the weekends to catch a breather and do some shopping. :) I'm trying to update my blog a little more often, I've so many creations waiting to be updated, I don't know when I can clear them at the rate I'm blogging. -_-

Today's food art is Snoopy. This is Snoopy hot pot, before adding in the soup stock and boiling the ingredients. I love cooking one dish meal like hot pot, saves me lots of time and also not much washing up is needed. The kitchen does not needs much cleaning too after cooking too. :)

Snoopy taking a nap on the hot pot. Snoopy is made of grated radish, the details were done using nori.

Can you spot Woodstock on Snoopy's back?

I got myself a miniature Snoopy car something back, lol.

My rice version of this Snoopy car was made using rice, nori, cheese and olive.

This was one of our quick lunch during the school holidays, served with nuggets, lettuce and tomatoes.


  1. aww....Snoopy so cute! Love the snoopy rice car :) Nicely shaped!

  2. 天啊!仿佛看见真的史努比和史努比小汽车!!真让人~尖叫!!

  3. Both so cute! I'm guilty of blogging less these days too, been so busy!


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