Tuesday 6 October 2015

Pooh & Piglet Autumn

I love autumn, but I live in a place where it's hot and humid all year round, lol. I've not been able to visit Japan during autumn ever since IT started primary school. Our last trip in autumn to Japan was the year before he entered primary school. We almost always end up going in winter since we usually go in december. It's the same again this year, we are going for a white winter holiday again.

This Pooh and Piglet autumn food art is a remake of the one I did last year. I made Piglet too big last year, and had wanted to make this food art again this year. Yes, I actually remembered, even though my memory isn't too good nowadays, lol. This food art is almost the same as the one last year, just a very slight variation in the way I made their mouth.

Pooh bear was made out of rice, mixed with mashed egg yolk. Other ingredients used for Pooh were nori, crabstick and ham. Piglet was made out of rice coloured with pink sushi mix, ham and nori were used for the other details. The leaves were cut out from egg sheet.

I'm not sure whether I'll be making more fall bentos, but meanwhile, you can check out all my past creations here.


  1. This is super cute, Pooh and Piglet look so happy, LOVE it! Puts a smile on my face and made my day.:)

  2. I love this one, I also remember the one you made last year. Very detailed and such lovely colours!

  3. 太生动了!!我也好想躺在秋叶上。。。

  4. All your creations are amazing! I really enjoy looking at all of them.


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