Monday 19 October 2015

Halloween Soba & Burger

I'm back with more Halloween creations. I can sleep later today because my boys only have school on friday this week.  However, we have to do exam revisions as their exams will start next week. IT is a lot more independent and quite confident this round (though I've to remind him not to be too complacent), so I'm finally focusing more on guiding LT with his revisions.

Here's the first set of Halloween food art I'm sharing today. Frankenstein and ghost cold soba. Ghost is actually made out of somen, it's thinner than soba.

I served them cold with a dipping sauce. It has been a long time since I last cook cold soba for my boys. LT was asking for them the other day, so I decided to serve them some, but not before I decorated them, lol.

Ingredients used for the ghost were nori, ham, orange bell pepper and cucumber.

Ingredients used for Frankie were nori, cheese and cucumber.

Another Halloween food art I made was this Halloween burger set. Had a hiccup with this one, this cucumber Frankenstein was actually a last minute change. I had wanted to make Frankenstein out of spinach soup instead, but I tried a new recipe that day and the soup was not thick  enough, and I had problem placing the ingredients on it.

IMG_7311Jack o'lantern is made using a slice of cheese over a meat patty, you can take a look at this tutorial here, I used the same method to mould the cheese onto the patty. I used a knife to add on some indention on the cheese so it looks more like a pumpkin. And finally, the little ghost is made using quail egg.


  1. I love them all and have to remember the soba creations for next year! Such great ideas!

  2. Both are so cute and such creative ideas!


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