Monday 26 October 2015

Totoro & Minion Halloween

Another Halloween post to update for today, using characters my boys and I like. I'm planning to make one last Halloween creation this week, and will try to get it up on the blog by friday. Hopefully there'll be no hiccups.

Totoro cooking up some curry for our dinner, lol. I got the inspiration for this Totoro Halloween food art from a photo of a Totoro Halloween display set I saw online. I simplified the actual display though, cut down to two Totoros and left out some details.

Totoro was made using rice, mixed with grinded black sesame, cheese and nori. I used fried pasta sticks for the whiskers. Can you spot the pot of butter chicken curry at the back? I cooked that using the premix from Dancing Chef, totally fuss-free and it tasted yummy. :)

The mini cauldron is totally edible too, the cauldron itself was made using rice and nori, and I added in some butter chicken curry into it as well.

The other character I made for Halloween was this vampire minion. When I saw this character a few months ago when the movie was just released, the first thought that went to my mind was that it's perfect for Halloween. I immediately noted it down in my list of to-do creations, so I will remember to craft it out nearer to Halloween.

Minion was made from rice mixed with mashed egg yolks, cheese, nori and red cabbage. His hands are supposed to be purple, but I was lazy to colour another batch of rice purple, hence I just left it as yellow.

You can't really tell, but he's actually lying on a bed of chicken stir-fried with bell peppers. The other side dishes were broccoli and tamagoyaki. :)


  1. I love Totoro cooking the curry as well as the Minion, all the detailings are so cute!!! The curry is mouth watering, yummy!

  2. Both are so adorable! Especially love Totoro cooking that little edible pot of curry!

  3. 太可爱了!!我突然好想吃Curry...


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