Monday 8 February 2016

Baymax Matcha Pudding,

Hello from across the causeway! We always spend our Chinese New Year here. I'm just lazing around while my boys play with their games and cousins. Since I'm rather free now, here's another long overdue recipe I've been meaning to update.

This is matcha pudding at the bottom, with Baymax made of Shiratama on top. Shiratama is the Japanese version of our Chinese Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls). They are quite similar, so if you like, you can substitute with Tang Yuan recipe.

The grade of matcha powder you use does affect the taste of the pudding. You don't need the highest grade but it's recommended to get a slightly better grade one.

Shiratama goes well with the pudding but these matcha puddings taste great on their own too. The pudding takes server all hours to chill, so I suggest you make the pudding a day in advance.

baymax pudding
Since Baymax is white, I did not have to color the shiratama. But if you are making other characters, you can color the shiratama using food colouring and also ingredients like matcha, cocoa powder, sesame paste, etc.



Matcha pudding:
11/2 tbsp matcha powder
1 gelatin sheets
3 tbsp hot water
300 ml milk
31/2 tbsp sugar

Shiratama Baymax:
60g of Shiratama Flour
62g to 69g of Silken Tofu
Black food marker

  1. To make matcha pudding, sift matcha powder into a bowl. Set aside.
  2. IMG_0030
  3. Add 3 tbsp water to gelatine sheets.
  4. IMG_9852
  5. Melt gelatine sheets over a water bath. Once dissolved, remove from heat and set aside. 
  6. IMG_0031
  7. Pour milk into a saucepan and bring to almost boiling. Off heat, once small bubbles are seen. Add in sugar and whisk till sugar are dissolved.
  8. IMG_0032
  9. Add 2 tbsp of milk to matcha powder from step 1. Whisk well till there are no lumps.
  10. IMG_0033
  11. Add in the rest of the milk and gelatin, mix well.
  12. IMG_0034
  13. Pour into ramekin or bowls and chill several hours in the fridge till the pudding has set.
  14. IMG_0035
  15. To make shiratama, mix 62g of tofu with shiratama flour, use your hands to knead.IMG_2385IMG_2259
  16. Knead till a smooth dough is formed.If the mixture is too dry, add a little silken tofu till the dough is just right.
  17. IMG_2260 IMG_2262
  18. Mould out Baymax using your hands.
  19. IMG_0071
  20. Use food marker to draw on their features. Alternatively, you can also take a little dough and mix with black food colouring or charcoal powder, and use that to mould out the features instead. Cook them in boiling water till they floats. Remove and place them in cold water.
  21. IMG_0072
  22. Sift matcha powder over pudding and place on Baymax before serving.
  23. IMG_0073 IMG_7136


  1. Thanks for the recipe! Where do you get your matcha powder from?

    1. I bought mine from Japan. Where are u located? I might be able to recommend some online shops in your area.

  2. Such a great idea to use matcha, Baymax look super cute and mouth watering!:)

  3. Can I replace shiratama flour with any purpose flour?

    1. No cannot, but you can do the chinese tang yuan which uses glutinous flour and water.

  4. Your Baymax shiratama is super cute!

  5. May I know where do you buy all your marble plates/slabs/containers/dishes please?? Thanks!

  6. How many servings? I can't find it anywhere

  7. How can you be that talented?
    Wish that i can have your bento everyday like your children

    1. Awww, thank you so much for your kind comments.


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