Friday 12 February 2016

Edible Valentine's Day Bouquet

Valentine's Day falls on this sunday, which is also the 7th day of Chinese New Year. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I do like to make Valentine's Day themed food, just for the fun of it. I only managed to make 3 designs this year, if you want to see more, you can take a look at my past creations over here.

I'm sharing two of the designs in this post. The first one is this Pooh Bear bouquet. Everything is edible, well almost everything, the paper and string are not edible, lol.

This is a toasted wrap, filled with scrambled eggs, ham and lettuce. I added on some Pooh Bear and hearts, moulded out of mashed potatoes. The honey pot in the middle is pasta.

These bouquets are much smaller and are made from bread instead. I filled them with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and lettuce.

I added on a Baymax made of mashed potato, hugging one of the bouquet.

I will be sharing with you how to make these edible bouquets, they are not only for Valentine's Day, they can be served any time and they are also great for parties too.

First, slice off bread crusts using a knife.

Flatten the bread using a rolling pin.

Cut into a circle using a round cutter. This step is optional, it's just easier and neater if you fold a cone from a circle.

Make a cone using aluminium foil and wrap the bread around it. Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 5 minutes, flipping over halfway.

Wait till they cool down a little before removing the aluminium foil.

You can fill in with fillings of your choice. I filled mine with lettuce and scrambled eggs.

To make the roses, take strips of salmon and roll them up.

Fill the top with salmon roses and lettuce, you can use pasta sticks to secure the roses if you like. However, if you pack them in compactly, you don't really need anything to secure them.

For the wrap version, you can skip the first 3 steps and just wrap it around the aluminium foil and toast. This is bigger, so you will need to fill it up with more ingredients, I used scrambled eggs, lettuce and shaved ham to fill the inside. The roses are rolled up from ham, instead of salmon. Pooh bear and hearts are shaped from mashed potatoes, I did a tutorial on how to mould using mashed potatoes before, you can take a look here.

Hope you like this edible bouquet idea, I've more creations using this idea, but I'll share those next time. Have a good weekend!


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