Friday 5 February 2016

Cat Marshmallow

Happy Chinese New Year! It's still two days away, but thanks to the long weekend, I feel that it's already here, lol. I'm trying to get two recipes updated during these few days, the first one is going to be updated today and it's the recipe for cat marshmallows.

Do these cat marshmallows look familiar to you? They were inspired by the ones from Cafe Cat & Paw. I've shared about those before, you can see them in my post here.

I first shared about these marshmallows last December on my Instagram, and I've been receiving requests for the recipe.

The delay in sharing was mainly due to two factors. I needed to test the recipe another time to confirm the measurements of the ingredients. I have no idea where you can buy the cat mould, which is essential to create these. I do not know where to get it in Japan or online. I happened to chance upon the mould in Japan, I am not even sure of the shop I bought it. -_- Thanks to a reader for the heads up, you can find a similar mould on Amazon. It's a single mould, so you can only make one at a time or you have to purchase more. If you have come across the mould that is the same as mine, kindly leave me a comment or email, so I can update this post for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.

If you can't get the cat mould, you might want to try out this recipe using other moulds. I tried it out on a Hello Kitty mould and a cat paw mould and it works too.

I've experimented with both food markers and melted chocolate to draw the features, they both work, so I'll leave you to choose which one you prefer to use.


94g icing sugar
54g egg white
100g corn flour
42g water
94g corn syrup
4 gelatine sheets
1 tsp lemon juice
Non-stick spray
Melted chocolate/food marker
Brown food colouring

  1. Coat the silicon mould with non-stick spray, make sure you coat the small corners and edges well, else you will have difficulty removing the marshmallow from the mould later.
  2. IMG_9851
  3. Soak gelatine sheets in water. Once soft, drain water away and set aside.
  4. IMG_9852
  5. Add 20g icing sugar to egg white, beat till peaks are formed. Add in lemon juice and set aside. Don't remove from mixer.
  6. IMG_9855
  7. Add 74g icing sugar, 94g corn syrup and 54g water to a pot. Cook and keep stirring till the temperature reaches 118C. This step is important, make sure you measure using a thermometer.
  8. IMG_9853
  9. Remove from stove and add in gelatine. Mix well till there are no lumps.
  10. IMG_9856
  11. Add the mixture from step 5 to the egg white at step 3. Turn on the mixer and stop once everything is well mixed.
  12. IMG_9857
  13. Scoop out a small portion and add in brown colouring.
  14. IMG_9858
  15. Fill the mixture into pipping bags.
  16. IMG_9861
  17. Snip off ends of pipping bags, pipe out one of the cat's ears and paws using brown mixture.
  18. IMG_9863
  19. Use white mixture to fill up. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours.
  20. IMG_9864
  21. While the mould is in the fridge, pan-fry cornflour over a small fire. When it's done, spread it out on a tray. Remove marshmallow from mould after 2 hours, and dust on cornflour.
  22. IMG_9865
  23. Add on details using food marker or melted chocolate.
  24. IMG_9033


  1. Hi...may i know gelatin is agar agar or jelly gelatin? And can i skip corn syrup? Where can i get this syrup? Or maybe other can subsitute with..


    1. No, cannot skip corn syrup, but you can try substituting with other syrup. You can find corn syrup in supermarket or baking shops. It's gelatin sheets, not the powder kind. Not recommended to use powder type.

    2. Where can buy the gelatin sheet? Can send a photo of gelatin sheet how it look like? Thanks

    3. U can google for the photo. If u are in Singapore, it's available at Phoon Huat. If can't find, u can use powder type but there's a taste with the powder type, which is why I recommend the sheet ones.

    4. not from singapore.thats y i asked you it is gelatin is same as jelly plain powder?

    5. Sorry, I've no idea what jelly plain powder is.

  2. Hi, where i can buy the silicon mould?
    Ps. The recipes are super cute thanks!

    1. Sorry, I've no idea where to get the cat one, I happened to find it in Japan. For the paw one, I found it at my local baking shop.

  3. It looks to be a single mould so it would take a lot of time to make a lot...or it would be expensive to buy a few of these :(

    1. Tks for the link, U are right, it's a single one. U need more than one if u want to make more at one go. :( But I'll add it in my post soon, at least it's an option for anyone interested.

  4. These are the cutest marshmallows I've ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe and instructions!

  5. Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Replies
    1. Sorry, but I don't understand your comment!

  7. Написал, что КРУТО!!!

  8. coat a small corners and edges well mean what?

    1. Coat all the parts that will be in contact with the marshmallow well so you can remove it easily. If you don't coat well, the marshmallow will stick to the mould and you can't remove it nicely.

  9. hi..i cant find a gelatin sheet..may I know if I use powder type how many scoop I need?

    1. 10g powder, but there might be a strong smell/taste with powder.

    2. hi..thanks..if use powder it is same method ? im going to try make today

    3. Hi..i edi try make the marsmallow.its success and fluffy..just 1 thing is is very i need reduce the sugar measurement or the corn syrup measurement?

  10. omg this is so cool i hope i can made this..


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