Tuesday 3 January 2012

Back to School Bento 2012

IT starts School today, but LT has two more day off, but I still made a lunch box for both of them. Argh, I had problem waking up early this morning, but good thing was since LT has no School, I've more time to do their bentos. Hope to get into the momentum soon, We all missed our holiday.

The original idea was to do a School bus, but I changed it to a car at the last minute. I thought they would be able to relate to the car better, as I send them to School by car. :)

IT's bento, with the car in his favourite color. In the bento are mixed grained rice, beef patties, tamago and sausage.

LT's bento, he likes blue. Same food in his bento as above.

IT's snack box for School. In the bento are nutella sandwiches, beef patties and sausage.

Back to School bentos for today. Hope IT is happy in School today. :)


  1. Super Cute!! School resumes here in 2 days and I should start practicing now!

  2. Very cute bento, love the cars:) Thanks for sharing the bak kwa recipe the other day. I have to try it sometime this week. They ones we get here are as tough as a tire.lol.

  3. @Keeley, Tks!

    @Diana, I'm sure your bentos will be great w or w/o practice. :)

    @Rina, We hv plenty here but it's fun to make them. :) I just tried out another recipe from munch ministry, the taste is better for this one but I'm not sure if you can get some of the ingredients over there. http://m.youtube.com/#/profile?user=MunchMinistry&v=ZxOp0ZFJzk8&view=videos

  4. hi, nice bento! may i know where do u buy your bento items (lunchboxes, food picks, etc)?

    1. Hi there! I bought from a few places. Where are u located? So I an advise better. :)


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