Wednesday 18 January 2012

Bear Bento

This was a rather speedy bento, I still had time to laze around before waking the boys up from their slumber. :) The inspiration for this bear was from this cutee bear bento box from Daiso. I love this series, they have bear, piggy and froggy and comes in 3 sizes. They even have cultery set to match, which I'm so tempted to get. :)

IT's box, he had ham/cheese bun, minced beef/spinach pasta,sausage, strawberries and blueberries.

LT's box, same stuff as IT's.

IT's box for recess, luncheon meat bun, floss rolls and blueberries. And this is the bear box that I was talking about. This is a snack box size, they have a mini size and a lunchbox size as well. :)

Not sure if you can see clearly, I used bear pasta for their lunch boxes. :)

My fusion pasta, spinach and minced beef in asian style sauce, topped with furikake. :)

Oh, and something extra for me today, luncheon meat (SPAM) and egg sandwich. Totally unhealthy but it's my ultimate comfort food. Always feels good when I indulge in it. :)


  1. Very cute bears as well as the lunch boxes.
    Kong Hee Fat Choy to you and your family :)

  2. Love these cute bears with the happy faces!

  3. Precious bear bentos! The bear pasta is a wonderful touch, so cute :D

  4. Oh my these bear lunches are so so cute!

  5. @ Diana, tks! :)
    @ Rina, tks, and happy new year to u too! :)
    @ Big Momma, tks! :)
    @ Natakiya, tks! Yes, looking for an opportunity to use those bear pasta. :)
    @ Julie, tks! :)
    @ Jenn, tks! :)


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