Friday 27 January 2012

Cinnamoroll and Mocha Bento

It was a mad rush to complete the bentos in time this morning. :( Nope, the bentos were not tough to make, but I seem to have this problem when I make simple bentos. I will have a tendancy to wake up later and dilly-dally, and I end up rushing most of the time. On the other hand, when I make tougher/time-consuming bentos, I will pre-mould onigiri and pre-cut cheese the day before. And I am always done rather fast in the morning. Hiaz. I must kick this bad habit! :(

I did Cinnamoroll and Mocha today. They are characters from Sanrio. :)The boys love Cinnamoroll because he is a boy! lol.

Bento for IT, he had pork floss roll, ham/cheese roll, pork chops, spinach tamago, kamaboko, strawberries and blueberries.

Bento for LT, same food as above. I love the flower made out of kamaboko, but you seldom see it in my bentos, because LT does not like them. And yes, I ate up his flower. :P

Bento for IT, he had strawberry jam roll, pork chops, sausage and blueberries.

Bento for LT, same food as above.

Cinnamoroll and Mocha rolls. lol. :) Rather messy layout!

Clearing up the luncheon meat (SPAM) in my fridge, so I made fried rice with them. I also added in eggs, prawns and broccoli. The peking pork chops were from last night, recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Love her recipes, I've her cooking book as well. :)


  1. I'm always looking forward to seeing ur bento every afternoon. Will have to wait for another 2 days before seeing ur next bento. From Emily

    1. Tks so much, Emily. :) Haha, yah, my bentos are up ard 4-5, tt is the time my little one naps and I've time to on my notebk. Have a great wkend! :)


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