Monday 9 January 2012

Madagascar Penguin Bento

This was a request by the boys. As I was googling for pictures of Madagascar Penguins, I suddenly felt relieved they did not ask me to do the main characters, which look much tougher than these penguins. lol, maybe they know Mummy can't handle those. :P

When IT saw the bento, he told LT 'Mummy made Skipper!'. Gosh, I don't even know these penguins have a name, so I've no idea whether he is correct. :P

LT's bento, in the box are char siew fried rice, golden kiwis, sausage and hash brown.

IT's bento, same food as above. I don't cook for the weekends, so my fridge was quite empty, I only had an egg left but I managed to dig out some char siew, sausage and hash brown from the freezer.

IT's bento for School, in the box are peanut butter sandwich, grapes and hash brown.

The 3 penguins I made today. :)

I had the same fried rice for my lunch. :)


  1. this is just awesome! :) great job on the penguin!!

  2. Love the colorful bento and of course the penguin! Just adorable. My son have been asking me to make penguins for him but I have not tried yet. There is this online game called Club Penguin which is fun for kids.

  3. Wonderful job of capturing the exact expressions of the penguins!!!

  4. @Keeley, Tks! :)

    @Rina, Tks! I shd check that out, my boys are crazy over such games but I limit their games time. :)

    @Diana, Tks! :)

  5. Thanks for linking up at Bento Blog Network! It's nice to have you back!


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