Wednesday 11 January 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Bento

This was actually a request from last year, but somehow I did not make it for them. I finally decided to get it done, since it looks relatively easy to do as compared to other series of power rangers. :) And this time, instead of mixing in the rice coloring, I just put it on the surface, and this resulted in a much brighter color. Thanks to a fellow bento Mummy for sharing this tip with me. :) However, I've difficulty achieving an even color.

This was for IT, he had rice onigiri, beancurd chicken, strawberries and blueberries. I saw a fellow bento Mummy sharing about this crispy chicken wrapped with beancurd skin that she bought from the supermarket. I could not find it while doing my shopping, so I attempted to make some of my own instead. It's definitely not that crispy but the boys liked it, they say the chicken 'skin' (which is actually beancurd skin) is very nice. :P Looks like I've another keeper. :)

This was for LT, same food as above. :)

This was for IT's recess, he had nutella sandwich and hash browns.

My lunchie, portobello mushrooms with pork, broccoli and beancurd chicken. :)


  1. What do you mean you put the color on top? Cute bento sure he will love it.

  2. @BigMomma, tks! I used this But instead of mixing It with the rice, I just shape the rice and poured it on the surface of it.

  3. Wonderful bentos! I love the designs and I think that the color on the onigiri looks great :D I adore the picks that you used in the fruit, too!

  4. @ Keeley, Tks! :)
    @ Natskiya, Tks! I love those picks too! :)


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