Monday 30 January 2012

Cinnamoroll and Mocha Bento Again

I made Cinnamoroll again today. LT asked for him after the bento last Friday. He's relatively easy to do and I like him too, so I dun mind making him. lol.

Mocha and the mini Cinamoroll are made out of fondant. The original idea was to use quail eggs, but I could not get any yesterday, despite visiting 4 supermarkets. :( I managed to find a pack of fondant at home, so I decided to mould them out of fondant instead. The boys were happy to find this rare sweet treat in the bento today. :P

Bento for IT, in the box are onigiri, fondant, meat patties, sausage and egg sheet. My fridge was out of fruits. :P

Bento for LT, same food as above. He did not eat the egg sheet but he did eat the kamaboko. :P And the egg sheet wrapping the sausage broke, so I covered up by placing Mocha there.

Bento for IT's recess, in the box are nutella sammies, fondant, sausage, egg sheet and meat patty.

The 3 bentos that I made today.


  1. Cute as always!! I tend to make same bentos at times as requested by N. As long as he eats it, I don't mind :)

    1. Tks Rina, sweet comments as always. :) Haha, I'm more keen if it's some characters I like too. :)

  2. So adorable! My daughter would love these!

    1. Tks Diana, yah, I love him too, he's so cute. :)


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