Saturday 6 October 2012

Baby Panda Picnic Bento

We went on an impromptu picnic last Saturday, it was a last minute decision, so we just grabbed their bikes and bought KFC along the way. The boys, the old one included, had so much fun, they wanted to do it again today. This time, I decided to prepare picnic food and took their orders for what they wanted.

Daddy wanted fried bee hoon, sambal and luncheon meat.

The boys wanted nuggets and fries. I added baby panda onigiris, cucumbers and strawberries.

I shared this with the boys, there were more nuggets and fries in another smaller box. I did not use a rice mould to make these pandas, but there is a rice mould that can make baby pandas. I included the link at the end of the post. :)

Our little friend decided to join in our picnic, lol. :) I think we will be back again next Saturday. I will probably buy food though, since Saturday is suppose to be my off day from the kitchen. :P

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  1. your pandas look so cute!
    love your "my melody"~

  2. Ming, have to salute u for being so hardworking. I would b exhausted preparing all these before the picnic starts. Fm Emily (ET)

    1. Tk u, Emily, yah, haha, can't do this every time if we are going consecutive wks. Good thing was all I had to do during the picnic was sit down n relax, Daddy took care of them. :p

  3. They are so yummy and the panda is really adorable! I want to try making picnic bento too but feeling lazy to do it on weekend. :P

    1. Lol, yes, I understand, me too, quite unwilling to cook on wkends. A little more onz last sat since I din hv to make bento last Fri. :)


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